Bio / Statement


Sara Inacio is a printmaker and socially engaged artist based in Massachusetts. Born in Ipatinga, Brazil, Sara immigrated to the United States at the age of 9. She received a Bachelors of Fine Arts in printmaking with a public engagement minor from Maine College of Art in 2017. As a student, Sara acquired the Public Engagement Fellowship through which she initiated various community-based projects on campus and locally. She has shown her work in various exhibitions and events in Maine, Massachusetts and New York. Through MECA's Printmaking Department Award, she received a membership to Pickwick Independent Press where she started working collaboratively with Emma Wolfsohn and together founded the Ears and Hands Collective. Sara participated in both international and national artist residencies including Art Farm in Marquette, Nebraska, and Green Olive Arts in Tetouan, Morocco.


Through her work Sara explores our journey and impact in a world made of light and darkness, hope and despair. She works in a variety of printmaking processes, sculpture and installation to create spaces and atmospheres that provide an immersive experience for the viewer. In her socially engaged projects, Sara explores themes of faith, empathy and community through interactive installations and dialogues. In partnership with Maine College of Art and as an InterVarsity intern, she created spaces for students to talk about faith on campus as well as organized community outreach events in the school and the local community. Through the Ears and Hands Collective, Sara has been working collaboratively to explore ways in which art and social engagement encourage empathy and community in an individualistic culture.