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Sara Inacio is a queer Brazilian printmaker and socially engaged artist currently based in Providence, RI. Sara’s work is about passage; a movement of going through and leaving behind. Their prints, sculptures and installations have a tactile and delicate essence that plays with depth and translucency. Using primarily animal imagery, social interaction and immersive installation spaces, Sara explores the ways we hold, carry and let go, as well as  the comfort and fear that co-exists in keeping or being kept safe. Through non-traditional print processes and locally sourced natural materials, Sara’s work evokes a sense of transience and deep connection to place, both in relationship to their surroundings as well as in community spaces.


Sara graduated from Maine College of Art in 2017 with a BFA in Printmaking and Public Engagement. As an emerging artist, they have been a part of several exhibitions, collaborations and curatorial projects across New England. In their social practice, Sara works collaboratively on dialogue-based projects and collective art-making. They co-founded the Ears and Hands Collective in Portland, ME (2017-2019), participated in the Print like you Give a Damn Press at the AS220 Community Printshop. They have attended local, national and international artist residencies including Queer Archive Work (Providence, RI), Art Farm (Marquette, NE) and Green Olive Arts (Tetouan, Morocco). Sara is the education coordinator at AS220 Industries where they facilitate and teach workshops, as well as create their work. 

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