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Ears and Hands 

Ears and Hands Collective is a group of printmakers and socially engaged artists striving to forge connections and encourage conversation around current events through open dialogue and collaborative art making. Our goal is to foster empathy through listening and responding to one another and the world around us.

Through this project we use printmaking as a tool for expressive communication that help us develop a better understanding of one another's values and struggles. Our current process involves a printmaking station where we show people how to make their own print in exchange for their response to a prompt. We ask intentional questions that require active listening, responding and curiosity, making the exchange visible and continuous through the print experience. The project is ever-evolving as we become inspired by the interactions and conversations that lead to new questions, quotes and images.

All Ears and Hands collaborations and printing activities are free of charge, but self sustained through donations and artwork sales on site or through our Etsy shop.

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