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Gathering Connections, 2017

Gathering Connections was a collaborative project between Sara Inacio and Hannah Howard, where they partnered with Maine College of Art and the Public Engagement Minor to better realize the college’s Diversity Statement regarding faith and religion. The project consisted of a series of interactive installations and events where students were encouraged to respond and ask questions in an effort to encourage conversations around topics relevant to today with a perspective of faith, spirituality, and religion. The project included three interactive installations in different spaces in the school. The installations were temporary spaces constructed by large pieces of screen printed canvas covering the walls, as well as furniture and pillows for people to sit on. There were knitting and crocheting supplies as a calming and intuitive activity that people could participate in. Each location included a prompt where students would write their response on a small flag, and then pin them up in the space. Each installation functioned and was received differently according to its location and topic.

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