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Held 1

Swallow in the Farmhouse, 2020

Etching and chine colle

5 x 7 in

Swallow in the farmhouse 


Nebraska morning                                            I was still in bed 

Smell of mold and grass

Creeping bugs                                                  silent        


She ran into our room

Through dusty sunlight

Small bird in hands                                           unmoving


Happy to show me

To know me

How I care for                                                   small things

And hold them gently                                       in my hands


Swallows                                                           flew 

In the bedroom.

Trapped in the kitchen                                      back and through

Hit the fly-filled walls,                                        the windows



From a room                                                      so beat and worn

With doors                                                         always open

Were we inside or outside?


Held safely here,                                               constrained

I took her out                                                     under my care

To let her go                                                      into the sunset 

We’d watch                                                       from every angle


Flat land and sky

Still wondering                                                  where she’s flown

If she remembers



You found me on the sidewalk with a broken wing, small and fragile. 

Held me in one hand and I didnt move.


Touch that brings comfort and fear


Walls that protect and isolate.

Held 3

Fledgling, 2020

Etching and chine colle

5 x 7 in

Held 3

Hold for the first time


Little feathers tickling my palms,

Tiny warm feet hang on to my pinky 

as if to never let go.

Heart racing as you sink,

Fear that brings comfort

To know that you need me,

You’ll stay.

Hold for the First Time, 2020

Etching and chine colle

5 x 7 in

Home holds in place

Familiar comfort

Hope for the unchanging

A safety within four walls


Keeping only what we know

Leaving out what we don’t need

In these walls we are asleep

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