What Remains, 2019 - present

Left There: Full Rat
Left There: Remainder of Rat
Left There: Full Rat

Rat Remains, 2020

Collagraph of dried carcass 

20x12in, 10x12in

In this ongoing project, I have been making prints directly from roadkill as a way of exploring the animals’ relationships to our human built environments and actions. These animals are hit and left on the road, where they flatten and begin to fade into the pavement from being run over again and again. Even though most won’t dare to touch them, they are shaped and moved by human activity as they decompose into asphalt with other street trash. We co-exist and share the same streets, often without notice. Most of the animals have been collected in my neighborhood in Providence, RI and surrounding areas. I’m interested in what these findings say about a place, and how they are a part of the landscape which we live in. I compare the abundance of rats that are left in the streets of the West side of the city, to the rabbits that quickly get cleaned up in the wealthier East side, and the snakes and frogs found in more rural areas just outside of the city.