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After graduating from Maine College of Art with a degree in printmaking and public engagement, I've been balancing various part time jobs with my creative practice. Through one of these, I am serving as a campus minister at MECA where I have been working with students to explore what it means to actively live out our faith as artists. Through Ears and Hands, a collaborative project, I have been exploring ways to work with other artists to engage the community through collective art making and dialogue. We have worked on several projects locally, and are currently looking for opportunities to deepen this practice by traveling to different communities and participating in artist residencies across the country.


This summer I have an exciting opportunity that brings together art and community in a cross-cultural setting. I will be traveling to North Africa for an internship with Green Olive Arts, an international artist residency business in Tetouan, Morocco. As an intern I will be doing a combination studio work as an artist in residence, as well as administrative work where I will be learning more about how the business is run and assisting resident artists from many different parts of the world. I will also be sharing with and learning from local North African artists and students. This experience will be a great opportunity for me to work on my own practice as well as explore cultural and social engagement in a new context. Through the residency program, I will have the opportunity to be actively involved in the local community. I am excited to explore Tetouan, learn from its people, culture and faith. This opportunity will impact and produce growth in my art and social practice, as well as my own faith as I explore and learn from different practices and cultural customs.


The internship will be from June 5 until July 24, 2018. The total cost of this opportunity will be $5,500, which includes all travel expenses, room and board as well as studio and material costs. I will need to raise it all by May 6th. If you are interested in supporting me in this journey, click "Donate Now." 

I greatly appreciate your support, and will be making a limited edition of small prints to send to all of those who help me make this trip possible!


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or would like to hear more about this trip.

Artist Residency in Tetouan, Morocco

(All donations are tax deductable.)

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