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Solastalgia, 2020

Risograph printed zine (edition of 100)


Solastalgia is an interactive zine and collective publication designed and curated by Sara Inacio and Adrian Cato. The publication is about the tension between pain and comfort when facing change and uncovering new ways of living. It explores the homesickness we feel without leaving home and the relationships with the organisms we coexist with both within ourselves and the environments we inhabit; those that are integral to our survival.


Solastalgia features works and responses by queer and trans BIPOC and Immigrant writers, thinkers and creators while making space for readers to reflect and respond based on their own lived experiences. 

Leading Qustions:

Solastalgia: Feeling dislocated without going anywhere; the homesickness you have when you’re still at home - a feeling caused by unwanted change in the spaces you call home.


  • Who/where/what is home?

  • What does it mean to be homesick?


Holobiont: An organism that is not anatomically and genetically an individual, but exists as more than one, a team, a consortia. It consists of symbionts*. Our bodies are made up of various bacteria, viruses and fungi, which our lives depend on.

*Symbiosis → organisms that maintain a close interaction.

  • How are you a part of another? How is another a part of you?

  • What does a world without the individual look like?


Apocalypse: an uncovering 


  • When have you experienced the end of a world you’ve known? How did it uncover new ways of being?


Adrian Cato (she/they)

Sara Inacio (they/she)

Lauren Jefferson (she/her)

Symonne Singleton (she/they)

Thao Tran (they/she)

Jessica (she/her)

Jaeyon Jo (she/her)

Chelvanaya Gabriel (they/them)

Zoe Bethune (they/them)

Maya Peters Kostman (she/they)

Sam Zirebwa (she/her)

Autumn Carter (she/her)

Taela Dudely (she/her)

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